Felix (Phil) Grucci

“Fireworks by Grucci has continued to collaborate with local partner, NOLIMITS and again welcomed them to join the Fireworks by Grucci group of pyrotechnic experts capable of delivering such an aggressive and creative performance as proposed.”


Bens Leo (Music Goers)

“I think NOLIMITS are the best when it’s come to fireworks. They’ve been through a very long process in fireworks show development in Indonesia. Managed by professionals, NOLIMITS always been a partner for many music promoters and event organizers. Keep moving forward and always success.”


Jay Subiakto (Production)

“From the beginning I’ve knew NOLIMITS is going to be inseparable with entertainment business in Indonesia. I’ve seen Donny’s seriousness in some field that could considered rare at the time, fireworks. With his hands, fireworks could become something amazing, and even more when applied to musical performance. No surprises if now NOLIMITS has become the biggest and experienced on fireworks art display.”


Helmi Yahya (Host and Event Organizer)

“I’ve been working with NOLIMITS countless time, like one on Palembang’s SEA Games. NOLIMITS has proved their capacity as the biggest fireworks company in Indonesia. They’re also proved that they weren’t lose to other countries in term of fireworks shows.”

Hendra Lie

Hendra Lie (Mata Elang)

“NOLIMITS is the first fireworks company which sets milestones in history of Indonesia’s entertainment progress from time to time especially on its stage management. NOLIMITS can be counted on and trusted on the matter of special effects, wish you keep success Don!.”


Achmad Albar (Musician)

“God Bless’s performance always been glorious with special effects and fireworks. NOLIMITS has made major changes on entertainment business in Indonesia, especially on the matter of stage effects, NOLIMITS not only as fireworks supplier, but also has been a concept-maker…. Bravo!”