Technology & Safety


Technology Highlights

  1. Exclusive computerized firing systems produces precision of shapes and forms in mid-air, with highest safety features.
  2. Entirely computer controlled firing program enabling the firing speed to be altered in midcourse to create artistic nuance with the highest safety features.
  3. Wireless controllers as applicable are deployed around the circuit and within the aerial theatre to provide complete control of all firing and safety controls necessary to ensure a successful performance.


Grucci and NOLIMITS anticipate unique challenges related to the discharge of fireworks/pyrotechnics on, around and in close proximity of the circuit, building structures, Athletes, VIP and audience. We are confident we can address each of the known risks to the satisfaction of all.

Fireworks by Grucci has a 150 years extensive history in the safe storage, transportation, handling and displaying of fireworks and pyrotechnic special effects. On each performance, Grucci addresses each of the potential risks associated with the storage transportation, handling and displaying of fireworks.

Grucci and NOLIMITS identifies each potential hazard and collectively with the collaboration of the local authorities (Civil Defense, Police, Security), the management team of the facility and the organizer of the event, provides the solution to implement the required protective actions to minimize risk and potential for injury, property damage or other liabilities. We will then detail and identify the responsible party to follow through with this action to fulfillment.