Long Journey of a Fireworks Designer

(Donny Rochyadi - NOLIMITS CEO)

donny-rochyadi-ceo-nolimits-fireworks-2Thousands of fireworks were fired into the sky. The sky above the golf course in Summarecon Pondok Hijau Serpong was torn into colorful evening with exotic light configuration. The Uniquefireworks show was composed together with the rhythm song and programmed by computer.These spectaculer fireworks display was held in commemoration of Independence Day of Republic of Indonesia some time ago, with the musical theme “Fireworks GebyarMerahPutih”. Certainly not everyone is capable to produce fantastic fireworks configuration like that. Donny Rochyadi, Director of Nolimits Fireworks Productions turned out is who are behind the success of the event. Expertise in the field of fireworks is not only known in the country but is also known in some countries. That because of, many big celebration in this country was run by the design of his fireworks, such as: National Sports Week (PON), Southeast Asian Games (SEA GAMES), Golden Anniversary (50 years) Independence of the Republic of Indonesia and various events in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

This architector fireworks admitted he was getting to know about fireworks when he was a stage decorator in 1986. When he just graduated from the department of chemical engineering at one University in Surabaya, he went with one of his friends to works in Singapore. His job was dealing with methods of pyrotechnic and special effects for the stage of Michael Jackson who was doing a concert in Singapore. He recalled that he was still a newbie on that field back then, so he must learn techniques to install various devices in order to manage the performance to go smoothly. Since then Donny fell in love with the beauty of the fireworks in the air, especially when such stage decoration was doesn’t exist in Indonesia, and he was eager to apply it on the public stage performances in his homeland. In 1988 Donny began offering fireworks show to the stage with NOLIMITS Fireworks banner.

His first important client is Sofyan Ali who was music promoter from the famous bands in those days. Back then Donny still using artificial local fireworks made in Malag, East Java. Since 1994 Donny started using import fireworks (China, United States and Australia). I think the “Fireworks from the US are the best”. A good fireworks products now use waterproof-fuse, so the show was hampered though it’s raining.

Donny’s fireworks business story was not smooth all the way, he was ever suffered burn injuries on fireworks show at Ancol while celebrating the new year (1992) even one of his men were killed. This accident does not make Donny give up. In 1997 he went to China to study the various fireworks. In China Donny befriend with fireworks entrepreneurs to digging out their knowledge. The price range of fireworks services unbelievably varied depending on the event, its specification and also its location. The premium project is performing a massive fireworks with complicated design like onbig occasion such as PON, Sea Games, Asean Beach Games, etc. Donny current clients ranging from entertainment business, TV Stations, Promoters, Event Organizer, a Property Company to the well-known bands. Donny pleaded not afraid to compete with new comer in this business. His reason was : “in Indonesia, the only person who really mastered the design stage fireworks, is me” claims Donny as he ended the conversation. (Translated from SWA Magazine, 2008)