Nolimits Fireworks



Nolimits are fireworks and special effects company service which founded on 1988 in Indonesia. With over 26 years of experience in many national and international events, Nolimits has become the first and the best in their field.

Nolimits cooporated with the best fireworks factory in China in matter of choosing the type of fireworks for indoor or outdoor events, ranging from slight smoke fireworks, bright colors fireworks, to the type of non-flameable fireworks (cool pyro).

With their experiences and their skills, Nolimits always hired on every major events in Indonesia. Musical events, Product launching, Gatherings, Weddings, Festivals, and many sports events has proven successful and well done. On every world-class events, musical or sport festivals, they always contacts Nolimits.

One Direction, Michael Buble, Jennifer Lopez, Akon, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Shah Rukh Khan, Jay Chou, and Exo are just a few from many International Artist whos has been working with Nolimits. Not to mention various sport events such as ASEAN Beach Games 2008, SEA Games 2011, Islamic Games 2013, and ASEAN University 2014.

Starting from 2010 Nolimits has working together with Grucci Fireworks, world largest fireworks service company from USA. With well-known reputation throughout the world, Grucci held a Guinness World Record when they responsibe on New Year Eve 2014 at BurjKhalifa, Dubai. These partnership with Grucci was includes join operation, technology transfer, and appointing Nolimits as distribution agent for Southeast Asia Region.

On 2011, Nolimits and Grucci working together toward success on both opening and closing ceremony of SEA Games 2011 in Palembang. Synchronizing fireworks with musical play.

Nolimits always made incredible concept design and would give advices that makes your events even more spectacular.

Special Effects

  1. Napalm
  2. Hurricane Giant Flame System
  3. Sunshine Multi Colored
  4. Power Flame
  5. Air Shoot Streamer
  6. Laser
  7. Giant Confetty
  8. Co 2 Jets